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Family Crest Helm von Worlow and Fischer Brewing History 
The Helm family started working in the wine business in the early 1400s. In 1554, Martin Helm received knighthood for supporting his Imperial Majesty, the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I, who was also King of Bohemia and Archduke of Austria. At the time, Martin Helm von Worlow ("worlow" means eagle) owned several villages in Maehren (Moravia), part of the Bohemian Kingdom. The first Helm who went into beer brewing was Balthazar Helm von Worlow in 1620. His residence was the castle Burg Altischein in Maehren (Moravia now the Czech Republic). He started a brewery in Tabor, Bohemia and the gothic-style building still exists today.

Erna Helm, born in 1936, is the mother of Franz Rothschadl, Jr. His father, Franz Rothschadl, Sr. was born in 1901 and past away on June 14th 1999, almost 98 years of age. He was also in the wine business and owned a well-known refrigeration business until he retired in 1979 at the age of 78. Rothschadl family history in the wine business has been traced back to the 1700s. Franz Rothschadl V., born in 1956, is continuing the great family tradition. 

Mr. Franz Rothschadl

Mr. Franz Rothschadl’s latest achievements were to win over 30 awards of which 11 were Gold Medals in various competitions during the last 4 years working as a corporate Brew Master for Hoppers Grill and Brewery as well as the Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) 1999 for his ROYAL BOHEMIAN PILSNER. This was especially prestigious since he beat SAMUEL ADAMS BOSTON LAGER, which had won that category for years. The GABF is the biggest and most prestigious of its kind in the world with over 1900 beers and over 450 breweries competing.
Mr. Rothschadl has been involved in the restaurant and hospitality business for over 20 years. His most recent venture before starting Lagerhaus was working as Hoppers Corporate Brew Master and the successful opening and operation of Pub Brewery “ Austria 1783” in Asuncion, Paraguay in 1994. This Micro Brewery and Restaurant was a three million dollar project. It is today one of the most successful Pub Breweries in the Americas as reported in Newsweek magazine, October 30, 1995. 

Mr. Josef Fischer – Partner

Mr. Josef Fischer is the foremost developer and operator of Micro Breweries and Beer Pub's in Austria. He was the creator of the so called "Bermuda Triangle," the greatest concentration of restaurants and bars in the old district of Vienna. This has made him the most renowned beer expert in Austria. He was also instrumental in the successful opening of "Zip City" in New York, one of Manhattan's first Brew Pub’s.

Mr. Fischer is the father of the revived brew pub industry in Austria and owned several restaurants and brewpubs in Europe, the US and South America.








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